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The Europarts Drochow GmbH

In 1982, Europarts Drochow GmbH started international trade with machinery and plants designed by reputable manufacturers specialized in non-ferrous metal recycling. In 1995, we started constructing and developing efficient components and effective machinery for the recovery of copper and other non-ferrous metals from cable. In our internal cable recycling facility, each machine is tested on a long-term basis under practical conditions. This advantage over other cable recycling machinery manufacturers assures reliability and quality for all of our products. We invite you to visit us (with your own material if you wish to) for a test run on the machine you are interested in.

Latest products:

The cable granulating plant "Eureka 30" is an effective unit for the recovery of copper from all types of household and other small cable. The maximum outer diameter of the cables should not exceed 30 mm. The cable should be free of iron, because a magnetic separation unit is not included. Restrictions are steel armoured and steel containing cables, as well as greasy cable, because they cause maintenance problems. In order to achieve high copper purity and quality, the cable should be sorted properly beforehand, as it is not possible to separate different metals.


The "Eureka 30" is user friendly, easy to operate and to maintain and is characterized by its great cost-performance ratio. The high value of the extracted copper granules guarantees a quick amortisation of the plant.

Latest products:


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